Müşteri Paneli
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Server Optimization

We produce server and network solutions.
As the need for servers has increased, security vulnerabilities and optimization methods have emerged, and old security methods have become very easy to bypass. In Bizler, we develop completely new methods and offer our services in a completely secure manner.

Installation and optimization of Linux operating systems (Centos, Fedora, Redhat, Ubuntu, Open Suse, Linux Mint, Kali, Black Arch etc ...)
Litespeed Installation and Optimizing Work
cPanel Optimization and Other Settings
MySQL Server Optimizations
Solution for DDos and Botnet Attacks
Server Directory Migration Prevention
Antivirus Installations
Memcached (PHP Accelerator) Setup
CloudLinux + CageFS installation and configuration

Extra Operations

[+] Configurations and optimizations of CLUSTER installations on Linux and Windows servers.
[+] Many panel installation and adjustments and optimizations such as cPanel, Plesk, SolusVM, OpenVZ, Centos Web Panel, vCenter, VMware, MaestroPanel.
[+] Site transfer and restore operation between your servers.
[+] VMware ESXi virtualization setup VDS partitioning, OS installation
[+] Seamless restoration of large databases.
[+] Windows Server family installations and configurations, optimizations.
[+] In Windows servers, AD, DC, Exchange, Proxy installation and configuration and optimizations ...
[+] Installation and configuration and optimization of DNS, FTP, TELNET, WEB, services on Windows and Linux Servers ...